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Break Free of Kuching in 2011!

You know, people claim Kuching is boring. Yes, many people say my lovely city is boring, lifeless, dull, quiet, errmm.. dead? But that's simply gonna change this December because, boy do I have some news! First...

My Free HP Mini 110-3100

Recently, I signed up for the TM Broadband With Netbook Package offered by the Malaysian Government and TM Berhad.  To know more about this amazing package, go here, but heads up... it's very cheap!...

How To Back Up Your Blog Using Cpanel

If you visit this blog frequently, you'd notice that I am missing a couple of post and comments.  This is because I accidentally deleted the database yesterday :-( The fortunate thing is that I did...

Avira Never Fails To Please

I'm sure you've heard about Avira Anti-Virus.  Since the days of AVG, free anti-virus has evolved with many making innovations to control the anti-virus market.  Nowadays, brands like Norton and McAffee are not exactly...

Lucky March

First post of the month.  After a less exciting January, and also a troublesome February, March surprisingly started off well.  Number 3 has always been lucky for me, and I guess the third month...
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