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The reliable pregnancy test

A few months back, while taking a visiting pastor from Singapore on a ride back from a luncheon on a Sunday afternoon, and bidding our goodbyes, the pastor whispered to Dinah, my wife; "I...

The cutest thing ever!

It's Malaysia Day, and despite having much appreciation over the day, it was indeed a day off.  So my 'otter-half' and I decided we should head over to the beach after I shortened my...

The ‘Keropok Jagung’ Tale

Here's what happened today. I was in my class, invigilating the first exam of the year. It was a dreaded four periods, which means 160 minutes doing nothing but walk around, peering at answers the students...

Useless Blogging

I found out that some people claim that blogging is useless.  They claim it's wasting time and brings no benefits. I disagree. Blogging has improved my networking by leaps. I've made new friends and while I'm...

How I Learned French

In my university years, it was compulsory to take up a foreign language.  I wanted to take up Mandarin due to my great interest in the language, but my close friends wanted something different,...

‘Allah’ Divides Malaysia

NOTE: This article by Aidil Rusli from The Malaysian Insider is one of the best articles on the 'Allah' issue.  You must read it. Although I celebrated my birthday a few days ago with minimal...

Living a Life

How of often can you relate your life with a TV series?  I'm not sure bout you guys, but its hard for me.  TV series are full of made up scenes, and happy endings....
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