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‘Babi’ for Comedy

If you are not too sensitive, or not one of those guys yelling 'Ketuanan Melayu' or 'Hidup Melayu', or well, you are open to fun and jokes, hear this song out, and if you...

Review: Mobile Fun

I came across this website while doing my usual online surfing. It has a very tacky name; Mobile Fun. The website itself if black and white, with a splash of green and blue here...

Kursus Induksi & Biro Tatanegara

Huuuuaaaaahhhhhhh!!! It's feels so long since I've updated my blog.  If you guys have noticed, I was kind of silent, and was not really replying comments for the past few week.  Also didn't do any...

Party @ Ben’s 2009

UPDATE@10:04am I found this at Keeman's blog. A hosting service offering blogs a FREE PERSONAL DOMAIN/WEBSITE. It's really tempting, but I already have my domain hosted for 2009. Maybe next year. It's almost Chinese New Year,...
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