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Security at football matches in Malaysia

Football is a game of passion, and when passion is at stake, adrenaline runs high. When it comes to football in Malaysia, emotions and adrenaline run even higher as the teams playing in the...

Take the Risk!

Last Friday, Mike invited us over for a game of Risk! at his place. It was a board game with a suggested six players best to play. Well, four of us arrived on time,...

Kabbadi, Where have you been?

You know that feeling you get when you see how lucky kids these days are? Well, I had 'that moment' today when I watched the Kabbadi finals held. I know, those born in the 80's...

Football, Hooligans and Racism: Sarawak VS LIONS XII

In an intense game last night, Sarawak was defeated by LIONS XII.  While the results should be the real highlight, the post-match incidents coloured websites, blogs and news articles with many trying to give...

Sarawak-Kelantan, Fans Return For The Crocs

After a year not concerned about football in Sarawak, I've finally decided to return to the stadium. However, the decision was unfortunately not planed, and was done at the very last minute. I left for...

Airline Manager, The next big thing

Ever dream of making it big in the airline industry, just like our dear Malaysian made CEO,  Datuk Tony Fernandez?  Yeah.. I have, but like you... I dream, and continue to dream until it...
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