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Death Is The Gift Of Life

Steve Jobs. A name every Apple fan knows. He transformed computers worldwide after he started Apple, and started the 'i-series' of products every wants to get. His death is indeed mourned by many, particularly...

Valentine & CNY 2010

First and foremost, I'd like to welcome the year of the Tiger.  RRRRrrrawwrrrrrrrr... and I like this new year tiger poster (Okay, it isn't a new year poster, but it is a tiger too)...

A Gift Of Life

Frankly speaking, I don't have a golden heart. I am also not sure many would actually say I do have one, as there might be people who would describe me as simply ignorant...

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

A week into February.. and the hope to have a pleasant month after a emotional January seems to be fading away really fast.  What was I thinking? Romantic February?  Such crap seems so darn...

Jewellery and Arthur’s Weddings

Day 5 of the Jewellery Hunt by Minex.  Now, without fail, I'd wake up early and check out the riddle, only to find out that I'd be heading to the nearest clue within an...
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