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TV drama The Rich Man’s Daughter review and how it changed my life

Due to the impact of this movie, this will not be one of those typical reviews I do on a TV series/drama. This will be slightly a bit more. Before I go on, let me...

Allah verdict: It’s more than just the name

Religious post coming up so... IF YOU MUDAH TERSINGGUNG, TERASA, SAKIT HATI, or you are the type that READS A FEW LINES, AND THEN GOES TO THE ENDING without even BOTHERING TO READ THE...

Respect Thy Religions

Now, this is one thing that has been annoying me for quite sometime, and after a while, I guess it's time for me to give my two cents on what I'd describe as a...

‘Allah’ Divides Malaysia

NOTE: This article by Aidil Rusli from The Malaysian Insider is one of the best articles on the 'Allah' issue.  You must read it. Although I celebrated my birthday a few days ago with minimal...
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