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May 2012 Bring Peace and Joy

2011 was awesome, despite the bad end. Nonetheless, a new year blooms tonight, and the sun is set to shine for yet another year, yes, despite movies and predictions that the would would end in...

It’s 98.4%

SPM results were released today, and I was as excited as the candidates.  Had goose bumps into the morning, and even prepared a possible reason to give to the boss shall the results do...

Forgiveness of a Person

NOTE: Well, just in case you guys didn't know, My Priviledge Book 2010 is on sale at RM35 at their road show in tHe Spring, Kuching MBO atrium from 18-20 Dec. 2009.  Buy one...

You Could Be Happy 2

This would be a rather personal post, so if you are not into these sort of things, then do not read further. Well, so where do I start? Em, let’s just say… I am human,...

Playing Second Fiddle

I was back from work, looking at positive things.  Hoping that all those grey clouds would blow away, and tings will turn great with a trip.  Had it planned, a pick-up, some work to...

Lucky March

First post of the month.  After a less exciting January, and also a troublesome February, March surprisingly started off well.  Number 3 has always been lucky for me, and I guess the third month...
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