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14th year in Education

It's my 14th year in education, and this is my 14th teacher's day. Like last year, this year's teacher's day lacks the usual huu-haaa because students are getting their lessons from home, and the Covid-19...
13th Teacher's Day

13th Teacher’s Day : Home-schooled

Right. This is my 13th Teacher's Day, which means I've been a professional teacher for 13 years! Time really flies. It feel like it was just yesterday I finished my Degree in Technical and Vocational...

12th Teacher’s Day: Back to square one

It's my 12th teacher's day which means it's been 12 years since I joined the force and it the feeling this time around has been rather disappointing. My school had its Teacher's Day celebration the...

Teacher’s Day: Hari Guru kesebelas

Hari Guru kesebelas is about today, which is my 11th Teacher's day I am celebrating as a teacher. Time really flies because I can still remember my first day at this job.  I think my...

Hari Guru: A decade as a teacher

This is like my tenth year as a teacher? Time flies. Damn. Never knew I'd be a teacher, and spending close to a decade as one is really something on a personal level. Well, ever since...

Teacher’s Day: It’s been 9 years, and mom’s retiring

Nine years. That's how long it has been, and that doesn't include the years of training, and my temporary teaching post in SMK Sg Tapang. If the schedule is right, I still have 21 more...

The Perfect Teacher’s Day

16 May.. how can I forget. Its teacher's day... So what am I expecting for today? I guess I'm expecting nothing. Really.. nothing.. not from my students.. and surely not from my colleagues, friends and...
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