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The Phuket holiday, nightlife and seafood

After months of planning, the Phuket trip soon came, and ended as fast as it could. For those who have been to this so called 'resort town', the experience is indeed different in many...

Contemplating ‘the private holiday’

You know the feeling when you are cornered at a cliff, and that you have no where else to go but down that cliff? I'm having that feeling right now. Cornered, disappointed, depressed and clueless...

He doesn’t deserve to die

A busy week has just passed, and I am so looking forward to my course in one of Malaysia's most blessed cities tomorrow.  Just thinking of the fact that I'd be able to get...

The Great Escapade

Bloggers get to do so much this time around.  We get invited to events, camwhore and even get first chance at every online contest available .  Of course, we also tend to get black...
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