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MyDuniaHosting Review: This is probably Malaysia’s most reliable hosting company

This is a personal blog post that dubs as a MyDuniaHosting Review. I decided to do, and update this blog post accordingly after experiencing first hand how it is to host my domains and blogs...

CYNET Hosting Review – Cheap & Quality Hosting Service

This post is about Cynet Hosting, a Malaysian based hosting company. I have moved my hosting from Data KL to CYNET HOSTINGS last month, and I'd love to share some good tips on why you...

How To Back Up Your Blog Using Cpanel

If you visit this blog frequently, you'd notice that I am missing a couple of post and comments.  This is because I accidentally deleted the database yesterday :-( The fortunate thing is that I did...

The Top 5 & Probably The Best Malaysian Web Hosting Services

A lot of you may be looking for the best web hosting service in Malaysia, in which you could get your very own domain, and control your templates and how your blog looks physically...

The end of CDASON.COM

If you are observant enough, you'd realize that my archives have been scaled down to a near one year plus only, dating from May 2008.  Previously, it was since September 2007, and that is...
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