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Building the kampung house: Kampung house mistakes and issues

It has been quite a while since I updated everyone about the progress of the kampung house we are building, but here I want to highlight the kampung house mistakes I've made. Progress has been...

Building the kampung house: Another house design

The construction of the house in on-going but there's a need for another house design. While it did seem that the past design would be the final design, the contractor alerted me on some design...

Building the kampung house: Measuring built-up area

The proposed plan for our kampung house is in the final stages and the appointed contractor decided that he will be measuring the built-up area to allow him to better understand and propose what...

Building the kampung house: The house plan

On my 39th birthday, we received good news that we have secured funding to build our kampung house.  This is a present by itself as it means I don't have to worry about funding...

A guide to choosing a good hob, hub and oven?

Choosing a good hob, hub and oven is not an easy task. So, if you are bored of listening to me talking about my house, or more specifically my house extension already, then best to...

The Bidayuh Dream

It felt not too long ago when dad told me that I would want to live the ‘ultimate Bidayuh dream’. Well, he may have not actually uttered that exact phrase, but like the American...

My Last New Year Here

I'm a little bit old for angpao, so I don't look forward to angpao collecting yearly. To be honest, if I did get any angpao, it wouldn't be even enough for me to buy...
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