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The New Malaysian Pay Scheme: Skim Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam (SBPA)

Najib announced a new remuneration scheme for the civil servants last Friday during the 2012 budget. The scheme known as the new Civil Service Remuneration Scheme, or in Malay; Skim Saraan Baru Perkhidmatan Awam...

When Dreams Can Come True

When I was at a younger age, I wanted to be a pilot. The glamor of the job, and the high pay was enough to motivate me to fill in 'Pilot' when ever I...

Don’t Renew Your Road Tax With MyEG

Are you from the Borneo side of Malaysia? Do you want to renew your road tax online and save money and time?  If you are, continue reading... If not, you can leave. Before I start,...
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