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The Best Smartphone of 2011?

Many have spoken of the greatness of the new Samsung Galaxy SII (SGS2). In fact, my recent rounds around Wisma Seberkas, Kuching confirmed that many sellers regard the SGS2 as the smartphone to beat,...

Why You Should Upgrade Your Phone To Android 2.3

A few weeks ago, HTC announced that they would not release Gingerbread (Android 2.3) for the HTC Desire. I was very dissapointed because the Android 2.2 wasn't stable, and I heard a lot of...

Gingerbread Limited Edition Upgrade For Desire Soon Available

HTC Global announced via their Facebook page and twitter today that they will release Gingerbread in coming weeks, but with selected Apps. The announcement goes as follows: To resolve Desire's memory issue and enable the...

Android Gingerbread Update For HTC Desire

The word is out. HTC has broken their promise in April 2011 to help the Desire users get the more stable version of Android, named Gingerbread. As an owner of the Desire, I'm utterly...

My HTC Desire Review

Probably this post on the HTC Desire comes a little too late. Especially since HTC has now had the HTC Desire Z, and the HTC Desire HD, and up next is the HTC Desire...

My New Desire

HTC HD7 is a great phone, and the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is ultimately fantastic for a new OS, but one thing which sucks is the battery life.  Sure, the HD7 is said to...

The Best Christmas Gift

Christmas was like 5 days ago, but I just have to brag about the best Christmas gifts I had this year. Before I proceed, I must admit, this was among the worst ever built up...
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