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My Illegear laptop had the most problems to date

When I think about Illegear these days, I think about my Illegear laptop problems. I got mine during the pandemic and I had rave reviews about it because it was very powerful despite its price. ...
Illegear Prodigy review

Illegear Prodigy review – Is it worth the price?

As I mentioned a month ago, I had decided to buy the Illegear Prodigy laptop after considering a few other laptops in the market. This is my first Illegear laptop and it is the most...

My first impression after unboxing my Illegear Prodigy

My Illegear Prodigy laptop finally arrived, and I was excited to have it in my hands. Prior to buying the laptop, I made enquiries and did a good amount of research about the laptop, so...
The best laptop for 2021

The best laptop for 2021: My top choices

It's that time to seek the best laptop for 2021 as my Asus laptop nears its three year old cycle. I tend to change my laptop every three years because I can sell the old...
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