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At Twenty Five

Here's something about the number twenty five. At twenty five, I learned how hard life could ever be when you take the wrong turns.  I learned that mistakes bring huge consequences, and new life lesson, which...

Minex Jewellery’s Finder’s Keepers Dinner

It's almost new year, and I'm still without a plan for new year's eve. *SIGH*  Anyway, Ben organised a special dinner for us participants/bloggers which took part in his Minex Jewellery's Finder's Keepers treasure...

Jewellery and Arthur’s Weddings

Day 5 of the Jewellery Hunt by Minex.  Now, without fail, I'd wake up early and check out the riddle, only to find out that I'd be heading to the nearest clue within an...

The Diamond Ring

Yesterday I told you that I was invited by Irene to cover some event at Hilton Ballroom, Kuching.  Yeah... I went, with Emy.  Didn't know what to expect, but its been a while since...
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