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Fatherhood – The change of a routine

Well, over the past two years, my role has changed drastically from being a single-can have time for a lot of things-person, to someones husband, and now, an upgraded to becoming ones father. Single...

Courtesy goes a long way

Girls complaint that chivalry is dead, but it's really going beyond that nowadays. Not only do you see man treating the ladies worst today, but the amount of respect shown towards one another is really...

A round-up of everything

I've been a busy bee last week, and that explains why I'm lacking in updates. Nonetheless, rather than making one post each for every event I've attended, here's some bits and pieces of all...

Going Engkabang

Last Friday, during Moulidur Rasul, mom called up and asked if I was to join her at my Grandpa's garden to collect Engkabang.  Errr, she did text me before that, but I was still...

You’ll Never Walk Alone

I watched how Man U scored an amazing goal last Saturday to put themselves ahead of the Reds...  the EPL team I claim to support.  The team Emy says I am a "Kipas susah...
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