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Sonar Tribal: The emergence of Sarawak tribal music

Sonar Tribal. Maybe not many know of these guys, but I can't stop heaping about them for lots of personal reasons. For once, there is a music group I can relate to because they not...

Kabbadi, Where have you been?

You know that feeling you get when you see how lucky kids these days are? Well, I had 'that moment' today when I watched the Kabbadi finals held. I know, those born in the 80's...

Sex, Trash Talk & Sensitive Parts

I was given a link to this one blog. Pretty interesting stuff. I would really love to share the link here... but when a friend known for her controversial comments and 'Gung-Ho' style comments...

Top 10 Things in 21-27 June 2008

Guess what?? This is the top 10 things I have noticed this week.... 1-People reveal too much of themselves on community networks such as Friendster, Facebook, Mysapce etc. 2-Flipping channels is for those whom are...
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