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Al Dante Kuching review

It was my eight marriage anniversary so I decided to bring the family to Al Dante Kuching, which was an Italian restaurant in Saradise BDC. The restaurant had high reviews on Facebook and it seemed...
Dentist for children in Kuching

The dental problem : Children fearing dentist

This post is about Children fearing dentist, or more specifically, my daughter fearing the dentist. Remember my post about my daughter visiting the dentist recently? Well, this is a follow up post. You see, after the...

Daughter goes to a dentist for children in Kuching

Last weekend, my daughter had a toothache and I had to bring her to a dentist for children in Kuching. She had complained about her tooth before but the pain went away before she slept...

Sending my daughter to school for the first time part one

The title is a bit misleading because technically. I did not send my daughter to school for the first time. Instead, it was my wife who did, but this post is about my experience sending...

La-WAK brings out the local Kuching comedians

Local Kuching comedians are a rare breed but it is La-WAK by HAUS, Jom TEH!, and What About Kuching (WAK) that can definitely change that. With five local Kuching comedians based in Sarawak, the event...

Experiencing Bekam a.k.a Cupping therapy in Kuching

Cupping therapy in Kuching, or 'bekam' as it is known in Malaysia, is a traditional Chinese therapy. According to Webmd, "Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on...

Went to a Chinese Physician in Kuching to heal my arm

Today I decided to go meet a Chinese Physician in Kuching. He came highly recommend by my colleague after I told her about the pain in my arm. If you don't follow me on social media,...
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