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Contemplating ‘the private holiday’

You know the feeling when you are cornered at a cliff, and that you have no where else to go but down that cliff? I'm having that feeling right now. Cornered, disappointed, depressed and clueless...

My Last New Year Here

I'm a little bit old for angpao, so I don't look forward to angpao collecting yearly. To be honest, if I did get any angpao, it wouldn't be even enough for me to buy...

The HTC HD7 Battery Life Comparison Test

Well, I thought I'm done with my review of the HTC HD7, but here I go again talking about this smart phone. I promise, this is my last post on the HTC HD7...

The end & the beginning

The photo above is taken during the last evening of 2009. I think it's a clear sign of how 2009 is ending on a sad note for myself. In fact, 2009 is...
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