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Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit – It Inspires

While some may only point out the negative or dramatic part of the Tomorrow's Leaders Summit (TLS) last weekend, I'm now pointing you to the positive side of the whole event, which I believe...


I attended the Tomorrow's Leader's Summit and helped my fellow bloggers get passes to the summit as well. I met a lot of interesting people, and I believe good friendships were built as a foundation...

When Dreams Can Come True

When I was at a younger age, I wanted to be a pilot. The glamor of the job, and the high pay was enough to motivate me to fill in 'Pilot' when ever I...

A round-up of everything

I've been a busy bee last week, and that explains why I'm lacking in updates. Nonetheless, rather than making one post each for every event I've attended, here's some bits and pieces of all...
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