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The Spring Ambassador 2010: Morgan Then

Last weekend, on the eve of Chinese New Year, the Spring Ambassador had it's grand finale at tHe Spring's main atrium. Knowing all or most of the contestants, I decided to give the finale...

Project Alpha in Kuching City

This event was stated as "STRICTLY BY INVITATION ONLY", and I almost skipped it!  Serious.  I thought I couldn't make it because I was covering Toys "R" Us, but thank God and thank Kenny...

The Random Update

By many means, this weekend has been nothing short of eventful.  It was Halloween, and mixing that up other events, I can say that it was kind of a busy week.  Before I go...

Level-Up with Kenny Sia

When it comes to going to the gym, I'd be the last to sign in. Yes, I would because I find gyms to be soooOOo not worth it, and boring. But that...
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