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Lucky March

First post of the month.  After a less exciting January, and also a troublesome February, March surprisingly started off well.  Number 3 has always been lucky for me, and I guess the third month...

Selling The New LG KC550 Slide Phone Cheap

Most of you know that I have been waiting for the LG KC550 phone I have won from Digi.  And I think, if you have been reading my blog loyally (Thank you for that,...

A cyrildason photoblog

After a week of holiday, it feels hard to actually wake up at 6:30am, and head on to work at 6:55am.  I feel sluggish to even open my eyes.  It prompts me to hope...

Lovely Day

You know how sweet and romantic that Digi advert jingle just gets to you, and makes you sing "Lovely day... lovely day... lovely day..." Well, today, that jingle has been playing in my mind over...
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