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The silver medal that surpasses two gold medals

Quoting Kenny Sia's tweet (I modified it a bit): "What Lee Chong Wei did in 79 minutes, others have failed to do in decades of tries". It was indeed heart-breaking to see our national badminton...

Malaysia Tidak Boleh

Sadly... Malaysia tidak boleh... so, if you were watching the Badminton Olympics finals last night, you'd know how outplayed Lee Chong Wei was. From the start, he was just clueless over what Lin Dan had...

Malaysia BOLEH!!!

_________________________________ @1045am: Lee Chong Wei was just totally outclassed by Lin Dan.  Maybe next time I guess... *sad* @730pm: The world is weird, unfair and full of bullshit.  I'm depressed.  No... Chong Wei has not played,...
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