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TV drama The Rich Man’s Daughter review and how it changed my life

Due to the impact of this movie, this will not be one of those typical reviews I do on a TV series/drama. This will be slightly a bit more. Before I go on, let me...

5 signs you guys are ready for marriage

I'm doing this post as a filler since I don't have anything important to say in this blog but anyway, this is still quite personal to me since it answers the question of how...

When a prayer get’s an answer

What do you do when you find your prayers being answered at the expense of others? Do you jump of joy and grab the opportunity which has presented itself? Or do you choose to remain where...

Valentine’s Day Ideas

It's THAT day again people. It's Valentine's Day. The day LOVE is celebrate worldwide. Unfortunately for some souls, they do need a special day to express their love for someone, but that for me is...

A Different Man Behind Closed Doors

Word is out. The event I attended in Mukah was a dialouge session with Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. It was front page of the New Sarawak Tribune to much of our suprise considering the...

What’s Your Ballad?

I was watching this TV documentary on NTV7 called 'Cerita Cinta'.  It's not that I want to watch the show, but it was playing on TV while I was having dinner, so since I...

How Cool Is DiGi?

I bet you all have your favorite telco. Some may like Celcom, others Maxis, TM and maybe some will say they favour U-Mobile!  I like DiGi. Why? Well, they come up with the best adverts ever,...
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