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CityOne Mall @City One Mall Kuching

Another mall has been in the making just at the junction of Jalan Song, Kuching.  While I believe Kuching can do with another new mega mall, I am deeply wondering why these big malls...

Dramatic Pose

Well, other things can wait. This can't: It's not often that you get a chance to be colored in a major newspaper, and what more to say being featured in half of a page unless...

The Amazing Mall Race

When I'm doing this post, my muscles and joints are all working in pain.  If I'd have to give chase over some thief whom has stolen some old lady's handbag, I'd have to give...

Toys ‘R’ Us Kuching

Are you a fan of STAR WARS?  Are you into Barbie? Or, are you very into Ultraman, just like I was when I was 5? Well, if YOU are in Kuching, be GLAD, because Toys...
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