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5 signs you guys are ready for marriage

I'm doing this post as a filler since I don't have anything important to say in this blog but anyway, this is still quite personal to me since it answers the question of how...

OttersBIGDay: I’m married!

It's all over my Facebook and Twitter timeline because it is indeed BIG news for me. Big is actually an understatement. It's MASSIVE news for myself! After years being one of the 'most eligible bachelor'...

The Myth Of Marriage & Loyalty

I'm hearing lot's of stuff nowadays. Maybe it's me being a good listener, or maybe it's just people around me being more 'open' towards what their thoughts are lately. If you screw those possibilities,...

Obedient Wives, Islam & Group Sex

Before I start, let me say that I'm uncomfortable talking about another persons religion, so I'll make this post quick and short. The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) has, in it's very own way made Malaysia...

All About Weddings 2010, Kuching

I know, by the time this post is up, the All About Weddings showcase in tHe Spring, Kuching is done with, but it's worth mentioning it anyway.  Well, I'm not good at making judgement on dresses,...

Girl of Choice

I was in Bintulu for the Sarawak National Robotics Competition 2009 last week. The journey to Bintulu, as I said here took a miserable 10 hours, and I can say I am still...

What Divides Malaysia?

This matter actually stepped into my mind a few days ago, but after thinking about it... I guess its okay to write about it.  Just hope no one would take my post here as...
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