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2011 Sarawak Robotics Result Brings Surprises

You remember how I was disappointed with the Sarawak Robotics competition last year? Well, received a call last two weeks, and guess what? The results are out, and we scored... SECOND & SEVENTH!!! The cherry on the...

MetroCity Kuching In Matang, Sarawak

One thing excited me last week, and it's related to the title above.  You see, Kuching has in previous years seen many new projects announced and completed.  We had the CityOne Mall, Plaza Merdeka,...

MyHouse: Fence Is Up & MetroCity Kuching Is Near

It's Sunday and it's one of those days you just feel restless. I have a lunch meeting at 1230PM, and shall be running around chasing a NIKE ball a bit after 8PM. Oh well,...

My First House Programme

A housing area/estate in Matang, Kuching. In the recent budget, there was quite a few things I didn't like and I felt didn't effect me directly.  Lets face it, I was hoping for a pay...

E-Mart Lee Ling’s Roof Detached

Got the news on this from a Mahfuz.  Was kind of shocked since E-Mart Lee Ling only opened less than 5 months, and now this happened.  The roof some how got itself detached from...
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