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Head of the family

Head of the family and shopping

The Malaysian government recently declared that only the 'Head of the family' can go out to buy essentials. The order, made to further restrict movements of Malaysians during the Movement Control Order (MCO), is part...

La Senza, Not Only For The Girls!

If you think La Senza (a lingerie brand) is only for women, stand to be corrected, because men (like myself) would need to check 'em too! Okay, this is when you go 'Why???'. Simple, nowadays, men...

Borneo Girls Are Cheap?

Recently, a girl named Hani Tarmizi posted on Facebook how 'jungle' Sarawakian girls are. She claimed that girls from Sarawak are from the village and in a way 'cheap' ('sluts' sound so harsh)....

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Guys

I know it's lame when I stumble upon something interesting in the internet, and start sharing it with all readers of my blog.  I know its really not original, and cool, but yet... here...
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