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Aren’t we patriotic enough?

So, my 'otter-half' decided we should watch a movie last night, and well we did. Since it was the month of merdeka, there were two short movie screenings related to merdeka (which I though...

Explaining the tweet The Malaysian Insider collected from me

Often, I do not have to explain my tweets from my account @cyrildason, but this is the one time I do have to do so because what I can see is damaging to me,...

Warisan Merdeka: Do We Need Another Skyscraper?

I love buildings, constructions and sky scrappers. I've always loved stuff related to construction and that's why I keep close tabs on new buildings in Kuching, and I tend to get excited when I...

When You Are A Sinner

I don't know why this particular Monday seems to past so slow.  It seems like its taking forever to turn to Tuesday, and I really can't wait for pay day.  I'm as broke as...


It's school holiday, and I am busy.  What luck.  It's a trend that schools have exams right before the holidays, leaving school holidays not exactly a holiday. The month of Ramadan is also moving into...

2008 Merdeka: Ordinary & Simple

______________________________________ 10:45pm - 1st September has been announced as the 1st day of Ramadhan, so to all my Muslim friends and foes(if there is any out there)... Happy Fasting..  Keep it strong, keep it...

The Police Report

___________________________________________________________ BONUS!!! Hell Yeah!!! I'm getting a one months bonus!!!!  Now I can buy that Washing Machine I always wanted!!  Thanks Pak Lah!! ___________________________________________________________ Oh yes.. Anwar won as expected in the Permatang Pauh parlimentary seat. ...
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