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The ‘Proton Inspira’, Now That’s A Name!

Probably taking the Malay version of the word 'Inspire', which is 'Inspirasi'... Proton has decided to name their latest car 'Inspira'. The car, which has been touted to be the replacement model of the...

Photo of The Proton Waja Replacement Model: The Inspira

I've been monitoring the cyberspace for the new Proton Waja replacement model, and it seems Proton is busy getting ready to launch it into the market sometime soon. They have given TV3 the exclusive...

The Photo-Enthusiast Day Out

I don't own a DSLR, but I have plans to get one in a few more years :P Don't ask why I'm planning it for 'years' and not 'months' as before.  To put it...

Breeze Finalist Participant Review

Maybe it's not as popular as America's Next Top Model, but the Breeze Model Search by Breeze Magazine is something familiar to many Kuchinginites. Here, I'd give my take on all the finalist,...
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