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Mulan, and how it felt out of place

I was looking forward to watch the live-action adaptation of Disney's Mulan when the trailer of the movie was first released. Mulan's animated cartoon was one of my favorite and I had high hopes the...

Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review and why you should watch it

This is my Crazy Rich Asians movie review. I just finished watching the movie alone today, and the RomCom didn't disappoint. There has been a lot of hype over the movie worldwide and I just wanted to...
The Greatest Showman poster

5 reasons why The Greatest Showman was great

I just watched The Greatest Showman, and it's still ringing in my head. Seriously, I've always been torn between if I liked musical, or Broadway like shows for that matter, because I do not...
Lagenda Budak Hostel

The best part of ‘Lagenda Budak Hostel’

Last weekend, I decided to watch a Malay comedy flick called 'Lagenda Budak Hostel' because I saw this one clip which went viral on social media, and I thought, hey, this could make me...

The Great Wall movie review

Bored of Romans, Vikings, Super Heroes and Mummies? Watch The Great Wall, a very Chinese or should I say Asian infused movie which for me, marks the entry of more China based movies which use...

Review of Dr Strange, the movie [2016]

Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe it was just simply the fact that I am not familiar with the comic, Dr Strange, but regardless, there was nothing really much to shout out...

JEM and The Holograms [2015]

Over the weekend, I decided to watch JEM and the Holograms movie.  It is based on a cartoon series I used to watch when I was younger.  Then,  I was a sucker for cartoons...
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