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Review: Perodua Alza MPV

Behold, the PERODUA ALGA!!  Oppssss!! Perodua Alza.. Sorry about that.. teeheee.... Alright, I went to take a look at the MPV myself today since I was in town, and yes, I can say I was...

Compare the Liv, Exora, Avan & Inno

I'm guessing most Malaysians are hyped over the new Proton Exora.  Well, I'm not looking for a new car, but I'd like to share some info on the car anyway. I am also guessing, most...

Proton Exora, The Malaysian MPV

I saw the launching of the Proton Exora last night, live n TV1.  Everything was grand and lavish... and was perfect until... the theme song.  Owh my... They should have asked some artist like...
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