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How good is the nissan navara

Yearly review of Nissan Navara Malaysia [Year 7]

This is my yearly review of Nissan Navara Malaysia. This post was first published on 26th September 2017, a year after I used my Nissan Navara NP300. However, since I always get the question "how good...

My 4WD accident and how I lost it’s Navara bumper

In December 2022, my Navara was involved in an accident and lost it's Navara bumper. Anyway, I contemplated writing about this, but decided I should after all since the insurance claim is done and over. The...

When being mindful of opening the car door is too much to ask

Cars do not come cheap nowadays. With prices starting from RM28K, a car cost a lot of money especially if you include the price of maintenance, petrol and additional cosmetic stuff such as spoilers,...

Driving from Kuching to Mukah on the Pan Borneo

It was a long weekend, and we couldn't find a sitter to watch Sasa as the mom needed to work in Mukah, so plans were made up to travel along with the her mom to Mukah. This...

The Birthday Post: Thirty-Four

Today is the day I was born.  Not exactly sure about the time, but as usual, this is a post about what happened in the past year,  so bear with me. Been living for 34...

Llumar security tint for cars –  Good or bad? 

Llumar security tint is known for it's quality, and so upon receiving my new ride, the next step was to tint it with Llumar. Being in Malaysia, a country where the sun heats everything...

The new truck: The Navara NP300

As mentioned, I've sold my old warrior a few weeks ago. That particular sale means I've to have a new ride, and it is no secret that I've been aiming to buy a truck. The...
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