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2011 Sarawak Robotics Result Brings Surprises

You remember how I was disappointed with the Sarawak Robotics competition last year? Well, received a call last two weeks, and guess what? The results are out, and we scored... SECOND & SEVENTH!!! The cherry on the...

Motivational Killers

Last Tuesday I brought 8 students of mine to the Kuching/Samarahan Robotics Finals in SMK Bandar Semariang. The team was all charged up, and was ready to roll. Some small talk along the way...

Intense, Extreme and Prime

Robotics training started yesterday. I decided to name all the teams myself instead of asking my students to name their own team due to identification sake. This year, the senior teams would...

Reaching High

Have not been updating frequently last week, and can't blog hop because I was busy preparing my Robotics team for the state level preparation in Bintulu.  After 10 hours of painful butt ache, riding...

NRC 2009: Kuching Zone

Managed to attend the Kuching National Robotics Competition 2009 today.  After filing in all the appropriate documents for my brief trip, and dealing with the administrators, I was off to the Kuching Civic Centre...
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