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The Journey to the #OttersBIGDay

It's been almost 5 months, and I have been slow in posting things about the wedding because of work and new things going in my life. On top of that, I am on Maxis...

OttersBIGDay: I’m married!

It's all over my Facebook and Twitter timeline because it is indeed BIG news for me. Big is actually an understatement. It's MASSIVE news for myself! After years being one of the 'most eligible bachelor'...

Otters Big Day: Invites, cards and seating

More updates on ze wedding. Pardon the delay. It's been a crazy week, and I hit some sort of a 'writer's block' this week. The last post was about the venue, and I promised...

Otters Big Day: The date and venue

Another post about the big day. I sound excited with all these post on the wedding, don't I? Well, to be frank, I am. After so long... I am finally tying the knot to this...

Otters Big Day: Making home, home

Everyone, here comes the first of a series of 'wedding related post' for your consumption. Note that everything here is not to make you 'ingga', but rather to share the joy and pain...
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