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My Borneo Highlands Resort Padawan Nature Challenge 2011 Media Experience

My Sunday was spent going up Kuching's highest peak, Borneo Highlands. It's my second time at the amazing highlands, but this time it was to cover an event which Sarawak Bloggers supports. ...

Nature Challenge Anyone?

If you are a fan of nature, why not join the nature walk above? Prizes of up to RM4K are ready for you to cart away. Bloggers get specials this year with the organizers willing...

PSKPP Mini Zone Kuching, Lundu, Padawan & Bau

I finally agreed to join the PSKPP this year. After years in service, I figured it's about time. Work... *shakes head*... I'd just rather not say. Those whom have met me personally know how...

The Christmas Chronicles 2009

Christmas ain't Christmas they say, without the usual family gatherings.  This Christmas was sort of like a typical Christmas for me with a good gathering among family members back in the kampung, and having...
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