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Malaysian schools: When parents expect

Looks like I'm talking more about education nowadays. Not sure if my title is SEO friendly, but it's what's going on in my life nowadays, and what's playing in my mind most of the time lately.

PTPTN vs Free Education in Malaysia

Before you continue reading on, please bear in mind this post is not political motivated. It's simply MY TWO CENTS. You can disagree with me and leave a comment in a constructive manner. No...

‘Brilliant’ Parents Breed Ignorant Children

I was driving home today, and I noticed quite a number of cars parked on the left and right of the road.  It was 1:40pm, and I my best bet was that these cars...

Sex Education In School: Yes, No, Maybe?

Ministers and the those concern are playing around with this issue. Some papers have said teachers are not willing to teach such a subject as they worry of being sued, but I believe...

Modern Camping 2010

I find it sad to know that camping isn't like what it used to be.  Who should be blamed? Teachers for not being willing to spend the night? Students for being spoil brats? Parents...
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