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Stupidity & Disability

Just a quick one from me today as I'm drowning in a hefty load of workload. Too often do we see parking spaces designated for the disabled, being misused for the able. The sign...

Parking Coupons In Kuching

Bet many think I'm just whining over this long overdue issue. Not that I need to, but after years of simply paying my fine and compound for parking my car in Kuching, and yes,...

My Galvanized Kuching

I have really been tempted to say something about this for weeks. Ever since the structures were up, my fingers have been itching to type up a post about the galvanized iron fencing in...

‘Brilliant’ Parents Breed Ignorant Children

I was driving home today, and I noticed quite a number of cars parked on the left and right of the road.  It was 1:40pm, and I my best bet was that these cars...
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