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First time experience travelling with an infant

On the second anniversary of my honeymoon, we decided to go for a holiday to Krabi and Penang.  It is the first overseas holiday for us with lil' Carissa, and it involved a transit in...

Penang Delight At Pullman Kuching

Penang can take pride of having the best food in the world.  If you were to combine Kuching and Penang together, you'd be spoilt of choices for the variety of food, and that's what...

Penang Delights At Pullman

I would be guilty if I didn't share something as spectacular as Penang food made available in Kuching. Yes, you heard me right, Penang food! The legendary cuisine which is second to Sarawak food...

The Memorable Moment

One of the most unforgettable moments during my recent trip to the Peninsular of Malaysia is somewhat unique. Justin, Fahriee and I were walking towards the A Famosa by foot, and we were commenting about how the...

Visiting 4 States, 4 Cities & The Road Trip

I could say it was a SHiOK! road trip as everyone involved in the road trip to KL was someone in Kuching's homegrown online magazine, but them again, it was a road trip to...
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