Talking at #OhhSome Fest


Hey hey.. something not related to my soon to be born baby.

If you haven’t heard, I’ll be giving a talk at the up-coming #OhhSome Fest in Kuala Lumpur which is happening on the 13-14 of December 2014.

The event which is well promoted by Hotlink also had a write up about me as you can see below. I must say, I felt they were way too generous when they said “Probably Sarawak’s most prominent blogger“.

The write up by Hotlink on
The write up by Hotlink on

Moving back a step a bit, I was a bit surprised and flattered when Hotlink contacted me to be part of this event in August 2014 because trust me, I don’t think I’m such a big of a deal to actually give people in sights of what I have done, regardless of what I’ve done in the past. Not that I don’t think its important, it’s just that I felt that no one was taking notice, especially since I always promoted things I’ve done as the main thing, and not myself.  An example would be which is better known as Sarawak Crocs, instead on myself, and Tweet-Up Kuching, which is better known as #TwtUpKCH by Sarawak Bloggers.

But since I am invited, the talk I’ll be giving will be about my ventures and my work online, and also how Malaysia’s best social media event of 2013, Tweet-Up Kuching came into reality, or why it was actually done.

Aside from that, I’ll be also squeezing in some info about what I intend to do, or what am I currently up to when it comes to social media, and perhaps, if I’m able to, will be squeezing in some freebies.

10-15 minutes isn’t exactly a lot of time really, so I think I won’t be able to say much.

But anyway, if you are free that day, come over to Avenue K Mall at Kampung Baru to meet me or the celebrities in the online world of Malaysia.  For more details on the event, follow the link

In case you do want to bump into me in KL, I’ll only be there for less than 12 hours because I need to urgently come back.

For now, here’s a video which makes me smile every time i see it, made possible by The Collective.

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