The Beauty of the Rainforest World Music Festival

Honestly, I’m surprised myself with what I have just seen. Coming to the Rain-fest as a media wasn’t expected, and its an opportunity I’d never want to miss.  You can ask Amiey, I practically coaxed her to come.

After last year’s Rain-fest, I was eager to come to this one.  Last year was a blast.  No, not a blast, but a BOMB!!  Never had I enjoyed a concert in such a way.  Liquor aside, the Rain-Fest is about nothing but music. With bands from all over the world, you can’t simply understand what any of them have to say.. but the minute they start beating their drums, or striking their musical instruments… You’d dance to the beat.  If that isn’t a clear gesture of loving music, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, being part of the ‘media’ covering the Rain-Fest this year showed me even more about what the Rain-Fest is all about.  For some, it maybe the booze, the party, the chicks… but what I saw during the media briefing and gathering was simply awesome. It was like a gathering of friends. Friends which meet once a year. Friends which share nothing in common, but an interest in music and expanding their friendship. Friends which are all out to spread the good news of the Rain-Fest to the world!

Indeed, that’s why the Rain-Fest is special.  Music does play a part, but the gathering of friends in unison is simply something very very special.  While the press briefing and RWMF Launching today was full of explanations on the world class acts which have made Kuching their temporary ‘home’.  My observation was more inclined towards how these bunch of people can simply mingle and come year after year to meet each other.

I was a newbie to this media gathering, yeah… I ain’t kidding… I knew no one but Gustino and Slyvia (Borneo Post), but I left the Tourism Complex (Place of the launch) with at least 10 new faces I can’t put a name too.  The fact I’m not good at remembering names makes my task to put a name to a face even more difficult.  Nonetheless, I am looking forward to meeting these guys/gals during the rain-fest while waving “Hi!!” because that’s the beauty of coming to the Rain-Fest.  If you figure it’s all the same meeting your friend in a coffee shop? Its really NOT!  With that said, Sarawak-Bloggers will be having an informal bloggers gathering at the SCV Restaurant at 1230pm-130pm on 10July2010.  Feedback has been slow, but you should come, it’s time to put a face to that blog you always read. So why not join in?

Seriously, I can’t explain about this feeling, but the media gathering, as well as the media preview was really something which made me feel “OMG! I wish I could join in the Rain-Fest immediately!!“.

Owh.. one of the members of the press from India brought in a Vivuzuella in which he used during the whole media briefing, and RWMF launching.  Think using a vuvuzuella is easy?

Well, he tried 5 times, and he could only get a small ‘ttttuuuuutttttt’.

I bet ya, this Rain-Fest is gonna rock!!

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