The Bidayuh Dream


It felt not too long ago when dad told me that I would want to live the ‘ultimate Bidayuh dream’. Well, he may have not actually uttered that exact phrase, but like the American dream, I’d like to refer to the fact that most Bidayuh’s prefer to spend their retirement with fruit trees and family members in their ‘kampung house’, the ‘Bidayuh dream’. Most also seem to like the idea of being away from the busy city life, while doing some gardening in their backyard.

A Baruk at my village

I however don’t think this is exclusive to the Bidayuhs, but I’d like to call it that because most of those in their 40′s are already thinking in such a way. Some, are already preparing themselves for such a life by purchasing one of these popular four wheel vehicles, while others are already building their own home at their village.

Anyway, as years past by after that one time talk of the ‘Bidayuh Dream’, I decided to get myself a place I could call my own in urban Kuching. The house is located right smack in town, and is just a stone throw away from malls and shops. It’s has a nice neighborhood, and the house itself was just recently handed over to me.

Under construction – This is not my house =P
Under construction – This is not my house =P

I particularly choose the location because it was convenient to everything, and with myself thinking way ahead, I figured St Joseph’s Private School might be a good choice for children education, if I were to have kids running around. Apart from the location, high-speed broadband connection also played hugely in my decision. A blogger living with internet connectivity would not be good, so yeah… a house in the urban Kuching was the best choice.

All the talk of the ‘Bidayuh dream’ didn’t mean much to me because like most urban, or young Bidayuhs out there, I was not interested in gardening, least to say farming.

The backyard cleared with sand and carpet grass ready planted
The backyard cleared with sand and carpet grass ready planted

But when I obtained the keys to my house, the growing grass at the backyard somewhat made me annoyed. I contemplated of hiring someone to clear it for me, but decided I should do it myself for the sake of exercising. Before I realized it, I was soon purchasing about 8 tonnes of top soil, and purchasing carpet grass to be planted in the yard. The project took a while, but during the course of completing it, my smartphone was left ignored and unused. In fact, I found myself using social media less while concentrating completely to the task at hand.

The ‘Semalu garden’ I have at the backyard.
The ‘Semalu garden’ I have at the backyard.

It was not about exercising no more, but rather wanting something to look decent, with a huge sense of satisfaction creeping into myself when I look at the yard being clear with top soil now conquering most of the yard.

My proud Proton Saga which seemed adequate when I first got her, now seemed inadequate as I made ‘creative’ adjustments to carry my newly purchased wheel barrow, 9 feet ladder and other construction stuff.

At times like this, the Proton Saga seems inadequate
At times like this, the Proton Saga seems inadequate

The thought of the ‘Bidayuh dream’ came back, with part of me now thinking it isn’t such a bad idea to go for it. However, with myself barely hitting the mid-age group, and with at least 30 more years to retirement, I guess the ‘Bidayuh dream’ would have to wait.

But for those already having one of those 4×4 vehicles, or probably already drawing up plans to have a house in the village, ride on. The Bidayuh dream lives!



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