The Martian [2015]



The Martian is an amazing movie.  Movies with Matt Damon have yet to disappointed just yet, and this one probably is one of the best with him playing the lead.

If you enjoy classic stories like Robinson Crusoe, or the ever epic Cast Away which was in cinemas in 2000, then this is one for you, minus all the depression stuff.

It’s a movie filled with fun, intelligence and comedy without forgetting how to bring out some emotions in you.  It’s sort of like you are watching a romance-comedy movie, but this one leaves out all the romance.

Uh, I did shed a tear watching the Martian, but that’s just me. By saying so, I am trying to prove a point that this movie was awesome, but don’t sue me if you didn’t even feel anything. It’s not my fault your heart is made out of stone =P

I only have a two words to tell you about this movie really – WATCH IT!




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