The Proton MPV

LATEST UPDATE:  I caught WALL-E yesterday.  Of course after I watched Lee Chong Wei beat up Lee Hyun-il.  I’m crossring my fingers Chong Wei would win gold, and I currently am thinking of what to do for the next few days.  Its school holidays!!

There is a lot of speculations on how the new Proton MPV would look like.  David said he is interested to buy one if the price is right, while I am still very much happy with my Proton SAGA BLM although it did occur to me that the Proton MPV would be nice once I had a family (in the future).

Here are a few screen shots of the Proton MPV in test drive from

Well, its not the finished product, but judging from this screen shots, I have to say I am impressed with what Proton would be coming up with.

And if you don’t believe this is Proton.. check out the steering wheel in the second photo.  Its Proton I tell you!!

but then again, it does seem cool if the Proton MPV was something like this…

anyway… some people say this is the new Proton MPV…

and I am guessing that the price of this MPV would be around 60k…

Just can’t wait to see this new car…


  1. M still in luv with Toyota Brand oh…thats my first car Toyota Avanza black colour N m just cant hardly wait for my Toyota wish..he…he…You want 2 buy my Toyota Avanza??? Selling price Rm48,800 ha..ha…

    I just bought my car la Ranee. Furthurmore, I’m not into Avanza, but if you wanna give it to me for like Rm2,000..I angkat la..hehheeh

  2. Wah…so cheap kah you want to angkat my car…actually i dont feel puas driving my avanza very slow la n no kick…..yeah man i know you just bought your car i read all your blog la, i saw it on flirck your proton saga its nice car know cikgu cyril i did write a blog and add some photo on flirck but i still cannot find it on google or yahoo..until today i did not know how to use my blogged or blogger

    Hahhaa.. No money ba.. so kena la offer cheap price, kan? But Avanza is a family car, so you shouldn’t expect it to have any ‘kick’. Btw, using blogger is easy la… very simple actually.


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