The sleepless nights continue – Nightmares in children


You know how most parents say that sleep would be a luxury? Well, my girl is like 25 months, and the sleepless nights are back, like a sequel of a movie.

While she would go to bed by 11PM, around 4AM for the past week, she has been waking up at night demanding stuff like wanting to be carried, cuddled, drinks, food and so many more at such hour.

To make it worst, she does it while crying out loud, with a full sense of persistence. She becomes a cranky little girl with so many request which even fulfilled, still leaves her crying and cranky.

It gets really, really annoying especially when we want to sleep, but I would say that both my wife and I are sort of powerless to do anything but try to calm her down as we don’t really know what else can be done. Most of the calming down would be done by my wife since Sasa favours her. Daddy’s a little less patient ?

Today, I did some reading about toddlers and two year olds waking up at night, crying and screaming, and it seems it isn’t an isolated case.

Apparently it begins when they reach 12 months, and can go on from time to time, until they are 4 year old or so. Some parents have also theorized that such behaviors from kids are due to their cognitive development and it is just a phase all parents have to wait out for – like staying in, waiting for the storm to be over. Some say it’s nightmares, and we all know what that means.

Based on my reading and comments, such situation could persist for months, and differs from child.

The situation is no better than when she was a younger toddler because she now weighs over 10kg, and carrying her around isn’t exactly easy.

So, if you spot myself and my wife with a dark circle around our eyes, it’s not because we punched each others eye, or because we are working overtime to earn more money.

It is because Sasa is waking up in the middle of the night, and she brings the whole house to ‘come party together’.

Ini baru satu, kalau dua? Fuuhhhh….



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