The Worst Phrase Ever


Woke up this morning feeling all ‘laksa-ly‘.  As it was raining heavily outside, I pulled my blanket over my head, and continued to sleep for another good 3 hours, despite replying some tweets on twitter.

But when I finally woke up, the urge of having Sarawak laksa was so huge, that I could feel the spicy yet ‘lemak‘ of Sarawak laksa in my mouth. I could nearly taste the freshly boiled prawns which normally accompanied Sarawak laksa, and with a combination of two cups of TehCPeng, I knew the day would start perfect with a HUGE bowl of laksa in one of my favorite cafe.

Invited Fahriee to join up with me, but he had errands, so I took my shower, got dressed, and drove in the heavy rain to this particular cafe which to me serves the best Sarawak laksa in ‘yellow mee’.  I know, Sarawak laksa‘s traditional mee is bihun, but for some odd reason, I find Sarawak laksa in this particular cafe even nicer with the yellow mee.

Arrived at the cafe, found a great parking spot, and hurled through the heavy rain to the cafe, before being seated.  Even the heavy rain was not stopping me getting my tummy filled with laksa. Not today.

I seated myself in an empty chair, and the waitress came.  Without looking at the menu, I said “One big bowl of Sarawak laksa, using yellow mee, and I don’t want the normal big bowl, I want extra mee. The RM5 one, and also two glasses of tehCpeng“.

Then the response came “Laksa sudah habis.

That must be the worst phrase to hear when you are really craving for something really really badly:-(


  1. Nimimomo:
    Passss…. Aluok miak man! 😛

    It’s prawn bro. BIG prawns.. and the taste.. AWESOME!

    Must try when I get to Sibu.You help me intro the place?

  2. BengBeng:
    Wow!! Really. How does it taste?

    Hahaha.. yeah, but that time, really mengidam!

    Tried before. Didn’t taste nice, unless Amiey does the cooking 😛

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