Top 5 Tattoo Saloons in Lviv


Nowadays, the art of tattoo became more than a simple trend. Some people consider it as a part of lifestyle.

If you made up your mind to get a tattoo, you would easily find a number of tattoo masters or salons throughout the Ukraine, but be careful, since the professional skills and quality of tattoo master are the essential feature for the future mark on your body. It means that the more complex is your wish, the more experienced master you need.

Lviv is one of the most popular destinations among the tourists from both Ukraine and abroad. Many best salons and studios of the best Ukrainian tattoo masters are located in this city of lion. So, if you happened to be in Lviv and decided to customize your body, pay your attention to the top 5 tattoo salons in Lviv.


5Custom House Tattoo

It is a rather new place in Lviv, where one can get inked. The salon is rather popular, therefore its masters are of top class. You will be amazed with the artworks and prices they offer. For this reason, Custom House Tattoo is known among the young people of Lviv and usually busy. The address of the salon is Kostyushka Street, 3.

4Sgushonka Tattoo

The name of this tattoo salon means condensed milk. The foreigners may not understand the peculiarity, but the locals admit the creativity of its owner, Masha Gushchina. The tattoo studio offers unique designs and modern techniques of tattoo art. Due to the high quality of work, you should book an order several months in advance. I suppose, such busyness is a good indicator of high performance of the masters. Visit Sgushonka Tattoo at Kostya Levytskoho Street.

3Lviv Ink

This tattoo studio is the old-timer among the other salons in Lviv. In addition to the ordinary tattoo services, you can order permanent make-up or remove your previous tattoo in Lviv Ink. The place is rather comfortable and cozy. For your choice, a variety of pre-made designs and artworks is offered. The quality of this tattoo salon is proved through years. Pop in the Lviv Ink at the address Mykhalchuka Street, 6.

2Jack Vegas Ink

This is the shelter of the Lviv’s talented tattoo artist named Jack Vegas. His tattoo salon is not large but the atmosphere is stunning. You will be amazed with his works and designs offered to be inked on your body. Experience the magic of Jack Vegas Ink and bring yourself to a bold and tattoo. You can find the magic master at Kotlyarevskyy Street.

1Sam’s Tattoo

Have you heard about Igor Savchyn? But you should have, because he is a teacher of many best tattoo masters in Lviv. His nickname is Sam, his works are truly named as masterpieces, and his tattoo studio is a high-demand place among people wishing to add peculiarity to their bodies. Due to the highest quality of works, you will have to wait several month in order to be inked by Sam himself. However, it is well worth the wait.

These are the sharpest needles for tattoo seekers in Lviv. Make your choice and go ahead!


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