Ulefone T1: Smartphone with 6GB+64GB, dual lens & finger scanner, at unbelievable price!

Ulefone T1 comes in two colurs. Photo: Ulefone

Heard of Ulefone? No? You are not alone because today was the first time I heard about it.

I found it by chance when I was browsing AliExpress because I had nothing better to do (well, my neck is killing me, probably due to being overworked these few days, or salah tidur).

There’s little really to tell about Ulefone, except that it’s one of the few Chinese smartphone manufacturers in China, which started business in 2005. They have not sold many smartphones outside of China, and only recently started looking at global markets, and hence why I spotted them on their AliExpress Ulefone Official Store.

This post was made to share my discovery of the phone, and to further enforce the fact that I feel any smartphone beyond RM2,000 is overpriced.


Anyway, the Ulefone T1 is their latest smartphone, released just recently.  It runs on pure Android 7.11, and it has a 5.5-inch screen, making it sort of like a ‘Note’ if it was made by Samsung, or Xiaomi.  – Suffice to say, it’s has a big screen, which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

I always prefer pure Android phones because they don’t have bloatware. Photo: Ulefone

The body is made of aluminium, and the 3,600mAh battery supports quick charge (fully charge after 90 minutes they claim).  Test shows the battery life of the Ulefone T1 goes to 50% after 4 hours of unstoppable use, making the T1 likely to last 8 hours on continuous use (meaning the screen is always on with movies, games etc also on).

The specification highlights of the Ulefone T1. Photo: Ulefone

According to the specifications, it comes with a whopping 6GB RAM, a mid-range 64GB internal memory, and a 256GB enabled micro-SD expansion slot. There’s no question about speed here!

When it comes to processors, the phone is on MediaTek Helio P25, which has 8 cores. For now, I am not sure how good or fast that is, but the last smartphone I used on a MediaTek processor, was pretty bad. It tends to overheat a lot, but I am pretty sure MediaTek has fixed this in their newer versions though I read in forums that MediaTek focuses on speed, while SnapDragon focuses on reliability. I’m not sure about this fact I read lah, but I figure it’s a worthy share.


Now that I’ve already got you past the specifications of the Ulefone T1, here’s what makes the phone a real deal breaker. (And you thought the 6GB + 64GB memory was it, right?)

The Ulefone T1 comes with one of the fastest fingerprint scanners around, claimed to detect your fingerprint within 0.1 second.

If that’s not cool enough, it comes with a 13MP dual lens rear Samsung camera, which normally hikes up the price of smartphones these days. Dual lens camera smartphones are relatively expensive, and this is seen when you check out Huawei P10’s sold at on Lazada.

Details of the camera. Usually, these specs are reserved for high end smartphones. Photo: Ulefone

To top that up, the Ulefone T1 can support all network bands worldwide, which I find slightly unnecessary, but still nice to have.  If you don’t know, telcos run on different bands in different countries, so if your smartphone isn’t compatible with a certain band, you will not experience the telcos speed to the fullest.

Do read how to choose a telco, because I think I gave some pretty good tips on this.

Oh, and last but not least…. the Ulefone cost a freakingly low RM850, with shipping to Malaysia and freebies worth RM160! CHEAP Oi!! Too bad lah it’s not water resistant.

The freebies offered. Okay lahhh. Photo: Ulefone

The catch is, the offer is only valid from 1st til 7th August, and there’s a limited number of units available.  After the date, the price will go back to the RM1,300 without any freebies, so jangan cakap abang tak payung, OK?

But kan, you need to buy the smartphone from AliExpress to enjoy the special price, though if you did buy Ulefone from Lazada, you’d expect to pay slightly higher – you know middle man needs to also earn a living.

If you want to save more when shopping, maybe you should read this post about saving with ShopBack.

Interested? Tell me in the comments.


  1. Currently i’m looking for 2nd phone… and most likely an android… kinda like the spec and all – might google more about this phone… currently i’m thinking of huawei [but not the p9 range… sheesshhh… hahahaha] or probably asus or lenovo…
    for now i’m still ‘bird-watching’ hahahaha

  2. Ever since I’ve heard about this phone from u. I found myself keep on googling about it. Haha being a gadget freak myself with low funds, i really find this interesting. But i actually just got new phone (Oppo) for free for my work incentive so might as well try test run dlk lah. It will be my first oppo. I know iphone is freaking expensive but I’m use to how smooth they run and didn’t lagg even after quite long use. Mcm iPhone 4 dlk pun i beli secondhand. And i use it moree than 6 years. Baruk jual balit juak last year. And typing this using oppo right now nya mcm ada delay a few seconds before my sentences keluar. I hate thosethings when it happen. So much for 3gb ram oppo. And that is y im being sceptical about android nowadays.

  3. I’ve never been adventurous when it comes to gadgets, just grabbing whichever is mainstream and fly with that cos it has to be of certain quality and grade to appeal to the masses.


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