The most common question I get when one knows I am a blogger is “How long have you been blogging?”.  Well, I’m really unsure of the real date I started, but I know I started in university, and that was way back in 2002/03 something.  It was on the social media platform known as Friendster back then, and all blogs prior to this one have been deleted.

My blog has evolved since then, and I have since met great friends and found amazing opportunities through blogging hence resulting in myself having a few blogs online, most, dedicated to specific topics such as football (www.SarawakCrocs.com), travel (www.KuchingBorneo.info) and tech (www.SarawakBloggers.net).

Prior to the existence of these blogs, cyrildason.com was a huge chunk of everything, but since 2014, I had decided that it will be my very own personal space online to share my thoughts and life updates. I transferred my blog’s content to the sub-domain blog.cyrildason.com, and have since, never looked back.

This blog was never about showing off. It was never about writing great content, and most certainly it was never about putting anyone down.  This personal space I have online is for me to share what I have in mind and put those little (or huge) things I have thought about into writing so that my friends can understand or know what’s up (or down) about me.

Come to think about it, this blog represents my inner thoughts, and who I really am and I hope you will enjoy reading my updates.

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