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Services is one of the categories under reviews in Blog.CyrilDason.com, a blog owned, and updated by Cyril Dason since 2008.

This category is specifically about reviews of service which had been experienced by Cyril Dason, the blog owner.

Under this category, reviews on services are shared to the blog readers so to keep them updated on experiences that had been gained through use of the said services.

Cyril Dason is a content creator and educator based in Kuching, Sarawak with over 15 years in content creation experience.  His followers come from around the world but are largely concentrated to Malaysia, with most of them residing in both Sabah and Sarawak.  Other than Blog.CyrilDason.com, he owns several niche blogs such as SarawakCrocs.com (Football) and KuchingBorneo.info (Travel). He is also well established on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

My StashAway Malaysia review: Updated every month

This StashAway Malaysia review of mine will detail on a couple of things.  One, I will tell you why I joined StashAway; two, I...
Tadika Johan

The best kindergarten in Kuching

This is a post about a kindergarten which I think is the best kindergarten in Kuching. Before you read on (or comment), please do note...

Understanding the Sarawak Energy electricity bill

Last month, my Sarawak Energy electricity bill ballooned to over RM470.  This month, it was at RM370. This was a huge increase of  over 70%...

Unboxing items from the 11.11 Sales by Lazada

As you may have read, I was aiming for a three things during the recent 11.11 Sales by Lazada recently. I believe it's called...

Experiencing Bekam a.k.a Cupping therapy in Kuching

Cupping therapy in Kuching, or 'bekam' as it is known in Malaysia, is a traditional Chinese therapy. According to Webmd, "Cupping therapy is an ancient...

Shopee coupons make it easier to save when shopping online

I've been shopping online at Shopee a lot these days because I've found a great place to fish for Shopee coupons recently. While I do...

Staying at the Deluxe Room of the Riverside Majestic Hotel Astana Wing

The Riverside Majestic Hotel Astana Wing is the latest hotel addition in Kuching, and this is the very first Kuching hotel I am reviewing since...
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